The Nizam invites you.
And the table awaits you

Not every day does one get a chance to be the guest of the Nizam. But when it happens, the memory stays for a lifetime. Here is one of those occasions, where the ruler of the Deccan plateau is waiting for you at the table. Only to give you a taste of what royal delicacies are all about. Presenting Royal Nizam, the finest of the basmati rice, now ready to treat your platter and your taste buds. The aroma of it takes you back to the royal era of the Nizams of Hyderabad. Thanks to the minutely detailed grains which makes your eating experience, memorable for a lifetime. Adding to it is tireless workforce that makes it a part of timeless recipe. Available in 1 Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg and 10 Kg packs, it surely makes your food a grand moment.

As we say, you are what you eat. But sometimes it's all about whom you eat with that makes you. Come and treat your taste buds. The Nizam invites you. And the table awaits you.


About Royal Nizam

Royal kitchens aren't just about the best of cuisines. But about what makes the delicacies the best in the world. In our effort to make your occasions special, we bring to you the secret of royal kitchens. The premium basmati rice, better known as Royal Nizam. We go into the minutest detail of processing to ensure that you get the best of the basmati rice on your platter. It's not just a pack of authentic basmati rice, but a legacy that comes from one of the most prominent names in rice manufacturing sector, BLS IMPEX PVT. LTD. With the aroma taking you back to the royal era and the taste elevating you to the crest above the rest, Royal Nizam is all set to redefine every occasion. Sit back and enjoy the 3 exclusive variants from Royal Nizam.

Variants Available

Culinary Tips

Perfectly cooked rice grains are like brothers, close, yet separate, and definitely not stuck together. - Indian proverb
A simple pot of basmati rice can defeat even the most experienced cooks, especially when it comes to getting it right. The perfect rice is soft and fluffy, with each grain perfectly separate. And it is also possible at home. Just follow these easy, foolproof steps.

5 Tips for Perfect Basmati Rice
Use the authentic Royal Nizam basmati rice which brings the best flavour on your platter.
Rinse the rice for a few minutes. The water does not need to run perfectly clear, like when rinsing Japanese rice. But rinsing helps get rid of starch that can make your rice sticky.
Add salt to the rice in the pot, before pouring in the water. This helps the salt absorb into the rice grains. Do not add salt after the rice is cooked, as your rice can taste overly salty.
Pour boiling water over top of the rice in the pot, which helps you keep track of the exact quantity of water you need, and there is no loss of water due to evaporation in the pot.
Use a tight fitting lid, or ideally, use aluminum foil, crimped tightly over the top of the pot to make a good seal, so that steam doesn't escape. The tightly covered pot lets the rice steam perfectly, and the method consistently yields long, separate, perfectly steamed fluffy grains of rice.


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