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Climate green's expertise focuses on the issues concerning energy efficiency, energy conservation and GHG mitigation to address the needs of our clients and offer services below;

  • Checking the feasibility and analyzing the energy efficiency, energy conservation projects

  • Consultancy in Climate Smart Agriculture including assistance in procuring financing for sustainable agriculture

  • Clean Fuels and Bio fuels project development

  • Plan Vivo, W+ carbon and Sustainable Agriculture Network
  • DPR, FSR development and assistance in PDD compilation. Further enhancement, risk analysis and mitigation also taken care

  • Sustainability Reporting - The Energy Environment

  • Awareness programs or sessions on energy efficiency, energy conservation, Climate Change and Global Warming Mitigation for Engineers, Managers and Teams employed in public and private organizations

  • Training Services:

    • Renewable Energy- solar, wind, biomass and biogas
    • Capacity building in Energy Efficiency
    • Capacity building in Climate Change Issues

  • Assistance in GHG accounting and CarboNeutralTM analysis for public and private firms

  • We also provide support for choosing the validators and verifiers of GHG assertions on behalf of the clients

  • Aiding public and private firms to befit in external funding mechanisms- PPP’s, Multilateral agencies etc

  • Helping in pre - feasibility of a project or set of projects

  • Sourcing and trading emission reductions from greenhouse gas emission reduction projects for voluntary and regulated markets

  • Proposed offering technical expertise to forestry carbon sequestration and adaptation.

  • Identifying opportunities and developing solutions for energy efficiency, energy conservation, climate change mitigation

  • Proposed capacity building activities for CDM with emphasis on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

  • Proposed identification and marking of Green Products and Social and Environmental reporting especially for Private sectors (SME's).

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