Archie Paranji


Archie Paranji is an individual with exceptional social and creative skills. Her company "Archie Paranji Designs" is well known for creating beautiful ambience using unparallel decor concepts for several high profile functions and events in the city. Her events include launching of high profile products for corporate clients and parties/ weddings for high profile individual clients.


Archie is a post graduate who worked as an English lecturer for several years before venturing into event industry in 2004. Archie by nature is a very social person and keeps in touch with a very large social circle in Hyderabad by attending and hosting parties. The parties hosted by her were so impressive and enjoyable that one day her friend Ms. Deepti Reddy, the publisher of "WOW!" asked her to organize the event commemorating the Third Anniversary of the Magazine. The event was a huge success and soon Archie found herself in the event industry organizing parties and launches for well known brands in the city, including high profile brands like Bentley, Lladro , Address-Home etc. Thus Archie Paranji Designs became a brand in itself for weddings and events in Hyderabad.


Archie has managed the launch of over 40 high end brands in Hyderabad which includes several fashion and style products. Some of them are listed in the adjacent column. She has the connections to bring exhilaration shopping experience to Hyderabad.


Some of the "Event Styling Concepts" created by Archie and highly appreciated by the Clients and media alike are;


1. The Rudraksh Theme
The Rudraksh Theme was created by Archie for an elite wedding at Golconda Resort, where 40x8' backdrop was created out of lotus leaves and strings containing 40000 rudraksh beads and traditional Coimbatore malas made the mandap. The divine fragrance of the setting mesmerized the audience.


2. The Vineyard theme
The Vineyard theme was conceptualized by Archie for a sangeet function where the venue was decorated with bunches of red & green grapes and sprigs of orchids.


3. The Rajasthani style palace theme
The Rajasthani style palace created by Archie from wood, fibre glass and decorated with metallic paint and enamel work at a Rajasthani wedding was much talked about in the social circles of the city.



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